Hello from The UnSQuare Crafter - Rob Backlund!

My projects are truly inspired by the idea, "one person's trash, is another's treasure" and the ecological frameworks of natural biogeochemical cycles mixed with grains of creativity and imagination. As such, the majority of the materials that constitute my work come from second-hand stores, dumpsters, recycle bins, and roadside treasures. I do not believe in the linear process of "produce - use - waste" that seems to define the global consumer mentality toward goods and services. In refurbishing, reusing and recycling of materials in my products, I am hoping to imitate the natural processes of (re)cycling and re-envision what one might consider waste into a useful tool, product, and resource. 

I am presently collecting, creating, building, and crafting projects from a humble workshop located in Burlington, Vermont. If you see something that catches your eye, and you want to inquire about, feel free to contact me.      

Thank you for your interest and support.