Window To Your World

Window To Your World


Window To Your World, are re-purposed old home windows, that have been turned into wall hangings with many different uses. Panes of glass can be removed from the original window and replaced with a plethora of possibilities. From homemade cork board (to post notes), slate tile (to act as chalk board), reused shutter (to keep track of mail, letters, etc.), hook boards (to hang keys, glasses, hats, and beyond), and mirrors. Panes of glass that are not removed can be matted for photos and artwork. Window To Your World is useful for every room from the mudroom to the office as an organizer, in the living room to hang a family tree photo, to the kitchen for recipes and tools.  Funky, versatile and classy all at the same time.  Window To Your World can be customized to meet your needs and color or stain preferences.

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